Nationals Rules

1. Please no poor sportsmanship. Anyone displaying poor sportsmanship will be asked to leave and their child will be immediately disqualified.

2. Stage will be in a 20’x24’ wooden square with 3 x’s across the
back and 3 X’s across the front. You may choose to do a back T or a front T.

3. There will be a lineup after beauty. No lineup in other events. If you are late for beauty lineup you will not be deducted points. However, if you miss your place in lineup to model your event(s), you may go to the end of your group, but you will be deducted 1/10 of a point from each judge.
Please be on time for each event. A final schedule will be given out at registration.

4. You must enter OOC, Interview and Swim to qualify for
Beauty/OOC, Beauty/Interview Supreme or Beauty/Swim

5. No checks after May 2, 2018 or at registration. No Refunds.
No transfers. Please do not ask.

6. Compete age day of registration. No Fallback. You may move up a group, but not back. Please notify us by
May 2, 2018 if you want to make a change in age group.
Changes will NOT be made after this.

7. Crowning: P.D. staff cannot be responsible for awarded crowns, sashes and gifts. If you are unable to attend crowning, please make prior arrangements to have the contestants items picked up.

8. Contestants are placed in lineup according to when their full deposit, emcee sheet and entry form are received. First in-last out or your choice in line up (first come-first

9. Visa, Mastercard accepted through PayPal until May 23, 2018.
4% will be added at the door to all monies sent through
PayPal. PayPal address is
We do not accept PayPal at registration. E-checks are not accepted after May 2, 2018.

10. No door entries will be accepted. Cut-off date to enter
Porcelain Dolls is Wednesday, May 23, 2018, regardless of the number of entries. NO EXCEPTIONS!

11. NO PRO-RATING, regardless of the number of entries.
Porcelain Dolls will not pro-rate under any circumstances.

12. Anyone found to have made false PayPal complaints, regarding Porcelain Dolls, will be permanently banned from this system.

13. Beauty and Swim Wear (optional) are 75 seconds max; Porcelain
Doll Wear and OOC (optional) are 90 seconds max. When your
time is up, you will be thanked and should exit the stage. There
will be NO DEDUCTION if the contestant has not finished
their routine.
14 Contestants 2 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult
during beauty lineup and crowning. Please, no exceptions. Parents
may accompany children 3 and under on stage during modeling
events if they choose.

16. No cameras of any kind will be allowed in the ballroom. Labelle Fille Productions will be doing all stage shots and videos. Please do not take pictures with your cell phones in the ballroom. If you
are caught doing this, you will be removed from the ballroom. Your
contestant may be disqualified.

17. Anyone receiving a crown will be required to stay after crowning for group and individual pictures for promotional use.

18. The Face of 2017, Ultimate Grand Supremes and Porcelain
Dolls Supremes, cannot re-compete. Leveled Grand Supremes
and under may re-compete.

19. Sibling Discounts - All girl siblings will be $350. This only
applies to your own girls. Door optionals are full price. Boy Siblings
will get $100 off their package with another child entered. For more than one sibling entering, please contact the director for further

20. Birth certificates and social security # of all contesants will be
required. Please be prepared to show either if requested.

21. Please do not ask how many or who is in your group. We will not be able to share that information.

22. Props - 1 Prop allowed for PD Wear and Outfit of Choice. Time
limit to set up prop is 20 seconds. Hotel requests NO FOG
MACHINES or live animals. Any usage of live animals for any
category MUST be approved by Porcelain Dolls first by a minimum of ten days before the pageant.

23. You may use your ONE largest discount for fees off to Porcelain Dolls. No combining of discounts.

24. No Hoverboards, scooters, skates or any items similiar allowed in the
ballroom or hallways. Disqualification from Porcelain Dolls may
ensue if you violate this rule.

25. Concealed/Unconcealed weapons of any kind, regardless of license
to carry is forbidden in the ballroom. No alcoholic beverages
allowed in Ballroom at any time.

26. And finally, yes, there are a lot of rules. Please, don’t hesitate
to call me personally to ask questions, voice your concerns or make suggestions. We want Porcelain Dolls to truly be the pageant where fun, surprises (and lots of them) and good competition is had by all. 304-282-0130 Kathy Raese


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